$9,839.38 of $15,000 Raised

  • Grocery Fund Donations 66%

286 of 800 Stockings Pledged

  • Christmas Stocking Pledges 37%

As of Nov 20, 2017

Share Your Blessings This Holiday Season …

Every year, as the holidays approach, families gather together to celebrate with festive decorations, feasts and an exchange of gifts. It’s easy to forget that there are many families struggling just to put food on the table. This is especially true in the Canadian high Arctic where groceries are extremely expensive, often 2 – 3 times higher than the rest of Canada! That’s why we are helping the community of Igloolik provide Christmas Hampers to the families that need a bit of help with Christmas dinner and gifts for their children.

Igloolik – ᐃᒡᓗᓕᒃ – ‘Place of igloos’  – an Inuit hamlet in the high Canadian Arctic. 

Each Christmas Hamper will consist of 1) All the fixin’s to make a Christmas dinner, and 2) Gifts for each child 12 years of age and under. We are aiming to distribute 300 Christmas Hampers in Igloolik, which is a daunting undertaking. That’s why we need your help to bring the spirit of Christmas to families in Igloolik.

Give the Gift of Christmas …

1. Donate to Christmas Dinner Grocery Fund

Igloolik christmas food drive

We need to raise $15,000 to purchase groceries for approximately 300 Christmas Food Hampers. Our goal is to able to purchase all the fixin’s to make Christmas dinner for each hamper … Turkey, potatoes, carrots, mini oranges, stuffing mix, cranberry sauce and gravy mix. The more dollars raised, the more food we will be able to include.  Last year, we knocked it out of the park and were able to add bannock packs and country food.  (see 2016 Hampers below).  Let’s do it again this year !!!Christmas food driveAll food hampers will be distributed to the families in Igloolik that need a little help to put Christmas dinner on the table this holiday season.

Make a donation now to bring the gift of Christmas Dinner to Igloolik.

Note: If more dollars are received than needed, we will purchase more food for each Christmas Dinner Hamper (2016 Hampers), and/or increase the number of families receiving a hamper, and/or replenish the Community Emergency Food Voucher fund.


We are thrilled to share that the Municipality of Igloolik tapped into some funding from the QIA’s Community Initiatives Program. These dollars will fund bannock packs (flour, sugar, oil, raisins and baking powder) and an Arctic Char to be added to each Christmas Hamper.  Woot ! We are very thankful that country food will be on the menu this Christmas!
THANK YOU Igloolik and QIA … HO HO HO Merry Christmas!

2. Participate in Children’s Stocking Drive

toy drive christmas stockingsWe are asking fellow Canadians to help us provide 800 Christmas Stockings to ensure every child in Igloolik, 12 years and under, receives a Christmas gift this holiday season! This is a very ambitious goal and we need your help to bring the spirit of Christmas to these children!

To participate in the Christmas Stocking drive … 

  1. Complete the below sign-up form.
  2. Purchase NEW stocking stuffers.
  3. Mail a pre-stuffed stocking of unwrapped NEW gifts to Igloolik by November 30th.

Sign Up To Participate in our 2017 Christmas Stocking Drive!

Please complete a separate Sign Up form for each Stocking being sent.  Thank you!

I've signed up ... Now What?

To participate in the Christmas Stocking drive … 

  1. Purchase NEW stocking.
  2. Purchase NEW stocking stuffers.
  3. Take off price tags but do not wrap!
  4. Stuff gifts into your stocking.
  5. Add Age and Gender to outside of stocking – ie write on masking tape, gift tag etc.
  6. Mail your pre-stuffed stocking of unwrapped NEW gifts to Igloolik by November 30th.

Gift Ideas
It is truly up to you to decide what to purchase for your stockings. It would be preferable to include age appropriate small toys, gadgets, hockey stuff, jewelry, make up, journals, warm hats, mitts, crafting supplies, iTunes cards, or art and colouring supplies etc. Please avoid liquids as they risk freezing en route.

Stocking Mailing Instructions

Mail a pre-filled stocking of NEW unwrapped gifts to:
Dana Barker Sheaves
Christmas Hampers
P.O. Box 164
Igloolik, NU
X0A 0L0

If you need confirmation that your package arrived, KEEP YOUR TRACKING NUMBER and login to Canada Post to check your delivery status.

Please mail no later than November 30, 2017 to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas!
Thank you so much.

Alexandra passed on a shipping tip to check out …

“I shipped my stockings today and the flat rate boxes from Canada Post worked! … $15, $17 or $20. I used two $20 boxes and fit two stockings worth of stuff in each, but could have fit more if I’d packed it well”.

More info – Canada Post Prepaid Shipping Boxes Webpage  Note: Prepaid Shipping Boxes are available at select Canada Post locations. Find a location near you.


Please mail your stocking no later than November 30, 2017 to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas!
Thank you so much.

Gratitude and Seasons Greetings for significant corporate donations from:

What we did last year – 2016 Igloolik Christmas Hampers & Holiday Card from Donors

Christmas Card

A Message of Appreciation from The Honourable George Qulaut, Nunavut Legislative Assembly 


Groceries in Christmas Hampers

Last year the support for Igloolik hampers was incredible. Donations far surpassed our original ask. We were able to provide more groceries than planned, including country food! THANK YOU to all that made the 2016 Igloolik Christmas Hampers such a smashing success! Let’s knock it out of the park again this year.

Taye Newman

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