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All food banks, soup kitchens and community food centers listed in this directory provide emergency food relief, at no charge to food insecure households. All of these feeding programs rely on donations from people like you, to exist and serve the need of the community.

School breakfast programs exist in every community in Nunavut. Because of high food insecurity rates, many schools have identified the need to provide enhanced meal programs and emergency healthy snacks to students. Donations appreciated

Select a category to view community listings and find out how to donate to each!



  • Community Food Bank:  Distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid hunger.
  • Community Food Center: A place that community gathers to eat free food together. Some offer classes or programs to promote well-being ie: nutrition, health and cooking skills.
  • Community Soup Kitchen: A place that offers meals to the needy.
  • School Meal Programs: Includes school breakfast, lunch and snack programs. Each meal program is different depending on funding, resources and student need. Some schools serve a simple snack like cheese and fruit, while others serve lunch or a hot breakfast on a regular basis.
  • Food Voucher Programs: These programs offer an emergency voucher that can be immediately redeemed for pre-set items. Typically they only can be redeemed for food, diapers, baby formula or toiletries.
  • Harvester Support Programs: We believe that hunters and fishers are important contributors to food security in their communities. This program is designed to assist with the high cost of harvesting which will allow Inuk harvesters to pursue their livelihood and help provide the community with country food.


The scope of these programs vary widely depending on capacity and need. Some communities have programs that are well-established, while others have programs that are just getting started.  As programs are subject to change, we recommend contacting prior to donation. If you do not get a response from a particular community food program, please donate to another one.


The Nunavut Food Security Coalition recommends the donation of money over food to allow food programs to purchase the supplies they need most. 

Donating dollars can be more economical.  The cost of mail and/or cargo is extremely expensive and slow, most grocers give emergency food relief programs a discount at check out and the Nutrition North subsidy can be applied.

Taye Newman

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