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Feeding My Family is asking supporters to write MPs to ask that more be done for Canada’s North.

Feeding My Family is group dedicated to raising awareness about the high cost of food in the north.

A letter writing campaign is an easy advocacy tool for citizens to voice opinions about specific issues. The letters may be sent to the Prime Minister, a member of Parliament, or a particular government agency. Knowing that re-election depends on the votes of their constituents, MPs tend to pay close attention to mail from constituents.

Feeding My Family sample letter:

Member of Parliament’s Name & Address {PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS!}

Dear Honourable…

I am writing about the shocking level of food insecurity in Canada’s north. Seven in ten families in Nunavut go hungry each month. The cost of food in the territory is on average 140% higher than the rest of Canada, and often the food sold in stores is expired. Food is a basic human right, and this situation must change.

The monopoly in food retailers, the high cost of air transportation to the isolated communities, and the lack of regulation on the sale of expired food are major causes of food insecurity in Nunavut. A national strategy on food security, built into the federal budget, could address these causes. In May 2012, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Olivier de Schutter, strongly recommended a national strategy for Canada to promote and protect the right to food for everyone in the country.

I am dedicated to working towards reducing the high cost of food in northern communities and committed to see the end of the sale of expired food products. While it may not be much it is a start. The implementation of regulation to reduce the high cost of food and prohibit the sale of expired food products would lessen the hardship for families and bring healthier communities in Canada’s north. I am asking you to work towards bringing positive change in this area too.

Will you now work towards reducing the cost of food in the north and the prohibiting the sale of expired food products? What specific actions will you take towards this goal?

Thank you for your time.

[Name and address with postal code]



Taye Newman

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