Find and donate to the community-based emergency food relief program of your choice by visiting our Northern Food Banking Directory. The scope of these programs vary widely depending on capacity and need. Some communities have programs that are well-established, while others have programs that are just getting started.  All need support from people like you.  Thank You!

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Donate to the Feeding Nunavut well-being mission. Achieving food security involves many issues; poverty, climate change, housing, education, health and mental health. We advocate for, and support northern programs and initiatives to help create positive long-term change in the Canadian north, and specifically, Nunavut.
Have a question? Give us a call 905-599-7900.

Feeding Nunavut is involved in political activities beyond the CRA charity status limit. Donation receipts cannot be used for income tax purposes. For specific information on what we do and programs we have supported, read our Annual Report 2015/16

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