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Thank you !!! ❤️  We have reached our fundraising goal !!! HIGH FIVE !!! ✋  We will continue to accept donations for anyone who would like to top up the breakfast fund to better help this school meet student nutrition needs.

We are fundraising to help Inuksuit School fund groceries and pay a breakfast coordinator’s wage.

School breakfast typically offers:
• hot and cold cereals
• milk, juice
• healthy muffins
• pancakes (occasionally)
• vegetable soup (occasionally)

Healthy snack program typically offers:
• veggies
• fruit
• milk

The breakfast coordinator arrives at 7:30am to prepare and serve student breakfasts, cleans up and preps for the next morning breakfast.

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Inuksuit School is the home to 114 students from kindergarten through grade 12 in Qikiqtarjuaq – ᕿᑭᖅᑕᕐᔪᐊᖅ – Qikiqtariuaq is an Inuit hamlet in the High Arctic region of Nunavut. The school offers students a daily breakfast and healthy snack program. 🚌  Approximately 60 to 70 students take advantage of the breakfast program daily. 🎓  High student demand has depleted the school meal program budget. The program needs to raise $12,000 to continue to the end of the current fiscal year (March 2018). For some students, school meal programs are their only reliable source of food. We need your help to bridge the funding gap for this important program.Inuksuit school breakfast and healthy snack items

For some students, school meal programs are their only reliable source of food.

Groceries in the North are typically 2 – 3 times higher than the rest of Canada. It is extremely expensive, to purchase fresh produce in the High Arctic, remote regions of Canada. Qikiqtarjuaq is a remote fly-in community with annual resupply by sealift. Dry goods such as cereal and muffin ingredients can be shipped to Qikiqtarjuaq by sealift. Perishables such as fruits and vegetables have to be flown in year-round to the community contributing to the higher costs.

🍴⛄  We Need Your Help To Bridge The Funding Gap For Inuksuit School Breakfast Program  ⛄🍴

Feeding Nunavut is deploying this fundraiser on behalf of Inuksuit School. All proceeds will be forwarded to the school.
Questions? Contact Taye at Feeding Nunavut or contact Mr. Payne, Principal at Inuksuit School.

Taye Newman

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